Google has finally developed its new (redesigned) Gmail

Google has finally developed its new redesigned Gmail for desktop and mobile to 1.4 billion of users worldwide which can be accessed through web browsers such as Chrome and Safari., which might be the most significant single upgrade in Gmail’s history.

The complete layout of Gmail seems to be similar to the older version, but the update has a brighter interface with a white background and more colorful menu  symbols. The service also appears to be more efficient. Easy-to-access menu tabs run along the top of the interface.

In this blog post, I have listed of the most important changes that you need to know and how to use them. Give it a quick read

Google is providing three new layouts to choose from, including a default view that highlights attachments like documents and photos, a easy view that doesn’t highlight attachments, and a compact view that increases the amount of messages you can see on a single page. The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout

Gmail Redesign

Image credit to tectcruch

There will also new add-ons coming to the Gmail

  • smart replies

           providing users with straightforward replies for quickly responding to emails

  •  snooze

              Snooze lets users temporarily remove emails and reminders from their inboxes until they want them to reappear|

 Self-destructing emails

 Another new option in the Gmail update is “Confidential Mode”, This allows users to choose whether an email can self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

Two-factor security

users can send an email that needs a security code to access. Gmail automatically sends the code to the recipient’s phone or tablet, which he or she must input when opening the email in order to view it.

How to Enable New Gmail

Hit that gear icon in the upper right of your inbox and see if there’s a “Try the new Gmail” button

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