Microsoft Biggest E-Book Giveaway

E-Book Giveaway

Microsoft Biggest E-Book Giveaway -Eric Ligman Microsoft Director of Business & Sales Operations, is offering access to a massive library of eBooks on all kind of subjects connecting to Microsoft services and products.

According to Ligman, this year’s listing of freebies is the largest ever. Just for perspective on how this giveaway is received – in the first year more than 1 million eBooks were downloaded and last year they easily exceeded 3.5 million downloads.

Microsoft Biggest E-Book
Microsoft Biggest E-Book

He also inspires you to share this list with social media, and other places so as many people can take advantage of the Microsoft giveaway as possible.

There are millions of Microsoft eBooks you can download as you’d like, and they are available in a choice of formats — PDF, MOBI, EPUB and DOC.

The titles are sorted into a collection of categories, including Azure, Cloud, Developer, Dynamics, General, Office, PowerShell, SQL Server, Surface, Windows Client, and Windows Server. 😉

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