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Founded By Technologists with 20 Long Years Of IT Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Tech Orbit LLC is a global trusted partner delivering promised performance in IT and Staffing solutions. We have consistently built leading technology teams, adhered to stringent quality process and successfully implemented projects of varying sizes and complexities

We have brought together an experienced team of technical consultants that have several years of experience in working with Portals, SOA, J2EE and Web 2.0 solutions coupled with an excellent past performance record.

Our Expertise

We Are The Industry Heads And Produce The Most Reliable And Trendy Solution You Are Looking For.

Cloud Ops

Several high profile projects delivered in Azure and AWS solutions.


When it comes to Data, our experts can build it all whether its in Data mining or consumable APIs


When you see different systems talk to each other seamlessly, there goes lot behind the scenes to bring them to harmony. Our IT experts can help you design the orbit of systems.

The Only Place Where You’ll Get The Perfect Solution For All Your Industry Needs.

Our Contributions​

Industries We Serve!


Health IT


Oil And Gas Industry​

Our experts can provide cloud transformation and IT modernization for the Oil and Gas Industry. The cost optimizations are very budget friendly by reducing IT assets and consolidating applications across the board. It saves time and money at the same time no compromise on efficiency.


Automotive Industry

We help in transforming today’s automotive leaders while empowering the game-changers of tomorrow. We believe that the key to a successful automotive strategy is the ability to optimize software applications and declutter unncessary processes. Our expertise can provide top notch IT solutions for the automotive industry. 

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